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Aug 19, 2014

Shake it off

It's got chilly this weekend and I was happy to take out of the closet my favourite flare jeans and denim shirt. I love how the light blue on the shirt compliments the beige on the hat and bag. I feel really comfortable while wearing this style of clothes. Waiting for my beloved season is even more pleasant in the things that are dear to my heart:)

На этих выходных стало заметно прохладней. Я с удовольствием погрузилась в дебри своего шкафа, откуда извлекла любимые джинсы-клеш и джинсовую рубашку.Мне нравится сочетание светлого голубого и бежевого. Чувствую себя очень комфортно, надевая вещи подобного стиля. Так что ожидание любимого времени года вдвойне приятней в милом сердцу наряде. :)

I am wearing: hat by PAPRIKA
                     jeans MANGO
                     shirt PULL&BEAR
                     bag KACHOROVSKA
                     shoes ZARA
                     accessories MONICA VINADER

Aug 18, 2014

Good Monday: Mamma Mia!

Now it's official. I made through this creepy summer. I need to work for one more day only and then I'll fly away to the magic kingdom of sparkling blue sea and golden rays of warm sun. I'm going to a small Greek island, the land of turtles and hospitable people. I've been to Greece a couple of years ago and read a lot about it on my classic literature course and in the books by Gerald Durrell.

Ну все. Теперь можно официально сказать, что я пережила это тяжелое лето. Мне остался всего один рабочий день. Уже совсем скоро я улечу в страну лазурного искрящегося соленого моря и теплых лучей южного солнца. Я отправляюсь на маленький греческий островок, где живут морские черепахи и гостеприимные люди. Я уже бывала в Греции и кое-что знаю о ней из курса античной литературы и книг Джеральда Даррелла.

Now I've started packing things. Rushing into the travelling fever beforehand is my guilty pleasure. Another thing I am hooked on is choosing books for reading during my vacation. Actually, this is my favourite part of every trip. I hate flying and the only thing that can keep me calm during the flight is a good story that takes all my attention and time goes by so quickly. This time I have a long list of summer books.:)

Я уже начала собирать чемоданы. Это одна из моих больших слабостей. Чтобы почувствовать дух поездки и настроится на нужный лад, я могу начать перерывать шкаф задолго до события. Еще грешу длинными списками книг для отпуска. Для меня это самый трепетный и важный пункт в списке дел. Я ненавижу летать, и чтение здорово отвлекает в самолете от дурных мыслей и ненужных переживаений. Особенно если в руках нечно захватывающее и искусно написанное. В этот раз мой список книг довольно длинный :)

This vacation will be very special as I'll be leaving my fluffy little monster at home for such a long time. Yoshius was checking my luggage and skirts, as if caring whether they are decently long enough. :) I know. I'll miss him. But isn't that a wonderful feeling of coming home from a long trip knowing that someone is really waiting for you there? :)

Эта поездка будет особенной. Я впервые оставляю своего мохнатого монстра надолго. Во время сборов Йошка все проинспектировал: и чемодан, и длину юбок, словно переживал прилично ли  я буду выглядеть в них. :) Знаю, что буду очень скучать по нему. Но разве есть что-то волшебней чувства, что после долгого отсутствия ты возвращаешься в дом, где тебя кто-то очень-очень ждет? :)

Have a good Monday and travel on :) Please listen to this song, it puts me in the right mood for my Greek vacation. Time to recharge my batteries. :)

Хорошего вам понедельника! Не переставайте путешествовать :) Послушайте эту песню. Меня она настраивает на нужный лад перед моим большим греческим отпуском. :)

Aug 12, 2014


The summer is almost over and  I am looking forward wearing my beloved sand-colored shoes and boho hats. I've purchased a pair of hot pants and couldn't get courageous enough to wear them in the city. They are just too cut out, but, nevertheless, I've found a way to show off in them :). I've matched my checked shirt with the black shorts and neutral fedora hat and boots. Fringe bag compliments the ensemble. I might be living somewhere in Texas and breaking hearts of some hot cowboys :). Here is my American look inspired by the "Timber" video. A little spicy and naughty.:)

I am wearing: shoes by KACHOROVSKA
                     shorts Premium denim
                     shirt Colin's
                     hat PAPRIKA
                     bag RIVER ISLAND

Aug 11, 2014

Good Monday: Sing along

Lately I've watched a cool movie "Guardians of the Galaxy". Even though the humor, plot and special effects were perfect there, to my mind, the best part of the film is definitely a soundtrack. I loved the relaxed beats and the atmosphere this music is bringing. I want to dance and sing along to the songs :) Simply can't help it.

the pic taken from here

Here is a short list of my favourite old songs (some are from the movie, some are not :))

1. Redbone "Come get your love"

2. Blue suede "Hooked on a feeling"

3. Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell "Aint no mountain high enough"

4. Secret service "Ten o'clock postman"

5. Katrina and the waves "Walking on sunshine"

6. Fleetwood Mac "Everywhere"

Have a good Monday and listen to some cheerful music! :)

Aug 5, 2014


Summer is running so quickly. I can barely catch myself in this marathon. It is already August and I still haven't really felt the summer spirit. In order to put myself in the romantic mood I picked up a white lace dress and accessorized it with the daisy flower crown. Feeling a little like an elf today :)

I am wearing: dress by MANGO

                                            flower crown by ROCK'N'ROSE
                              sandals by PIKOLINOS

Aug 4, 2014

Good Monday: Sunsets

My favourite part of the day is definitely the sunset. I love the warm colors and golden rays of the setting sun. There is pure harmony in every moment of the vanishing day. The sky is breath-taking, no matter what kind of weather it is. If it is sunny, then the horizon is painted with yellow and pink strokes. If it is gloomy, the day is melting under the pavement black cover of the stormy clouds, that all of the sudden seem to be getting heavier and almost smashing the earth underneath. But when there are just a few clouds in the clear sky, I would stop and stare at the magic happening above my head. The palette is so rich and varied. It can go from the deep cold purple and heather to the warm apricot and  canary. These fairy moments last just a few minutes. But what a luck to be witnessing this little wonder!

I have written a short story for my Russian-speaking readers. You can read it here.

Have a good Monday and watch at least one summer sunset! :)

Aug 1, 2014

Office Flowers

I love pencil skirts. This form is really flattering and can make you look more feminine. This time I've picked up the floral skirt and added a neutral top to it. Nude wedges and bag finished the look. And as a cherry on top of the cake I used my new beloved silver pedant with aquamarine by Aloha gaia.

I am wearing: skirt and wedges by ZARA
                     top by Colin's
                    watch by GUESS
                    bag by KACHOROVSKA

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