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Nov 23, 2014

Oversized checked tartan scarf

Don't know where I got this strange habit from, but I never walk with the bare neck in autumn. My mom can be proud of me, I always wear scarves or turtleneck sweaters. Or both :)
Autumn this year was rather warm and dry, but the closer we were getting to winter, the colder it felt outside. So I inspected my wardrobe and found an oversized tartan scarf and an oversized warm coat. To add some color to the look, I picked up a matching red floppy hat and red lipstick. In this outfit I can easily overcome any chilly wind or sad thoughts:) Bright colors and an oversized warm scarf will never let you down. Trust me :)

I am wearing: oversized scarf no name
                       Mango coat and jeans
                       River Island fringe bag
                       New Yorker hat
                       Mango boots

Nov 17, 2014

Good Monday: Summer memories giveaway

Долго собиралась с силами и наконец нашла время, чтобы смонтировать видео о своем летнем отдыхе в Греции. Хочется поделиться с вами, дорогие читатели, частичкой тех волшебных мгновений. А чтобы не пришлось сожалеть об ушедшем тепле, я разыгрываю в блоге каплю солнечной греческой магии - набор средств по уходу за кожей от фирмы Korres:

Все, что вам нужно для участия, - это быть подписанным на мой Instagram и/или youtube канал, поделиться моим фото в инстаграм или ссылкой на канал в соцсетях + оставить свой комментарий здесь или на одном из профилей. Я присвою вам номер и объявлю результаты уже в эту пятницу, 21.11. =) Удачи и хорошего понедельника вам! =))

Nov 13, 2014

Warm office dressing

I spend most of my time in the office. I guess the largest part of my readers does the same thing. It's really chilly now in our room, so I try to wear to work the most comfortable things to keep me warm. Yet, I want to stay stylish and feminine:) Luckily, I've found a very Chanel-like tweed dress with the check in Dior colors :) So  fashionable and chic! Now I can follow the office dress-code without being boring in my outfit.

I am wearing: Sinequanone coat and turtleneck top
Bronx boots
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
Pret-a-porter dress

Nov 9, 2014

Frosty mornings

Late autumn is so predictable. First it tears off all the leaves and throws them on the ground with the help of the cold northern wind. Then it teases you with the brightness of the sunlight, but when you get outside the only thing you hear is the chatter of your teeth. In the morning all the ground is covered with the sparkling frost. Nevertheless, midday sun is still warm enough for short walks in cozy cardigan.
Today I choze the frosty colors of light grey and white accompanied by the accessories with the stones like little pieces of ice. :) Step by step we are moving closer to winter.

I am wearing: Kachorovska shoes and bag
Oasis jeans
Topshop top
Aloha gaia pedant
Zarina earrings
TU cardigan

Nov 2, 2014

Cozy November

It's funny how my love for oversized things grows stronger every time the days are gettings shorter and temperatures outside are moving closer to 0. A friend of mine often jockes that she wants to wear a blanket instead of a coat every time it gets cold outside. I guess the same thing happens to me. The best outerwear for this case is a duffle coat by Burberry that slighlty reminds of a plaid throw :). To finish the look I picked up a perfect autumn fluffy, just like my cat, sweater with a turtle neck and high boots. And if the wind gets stronger I can always put a hood on my head and keep on walking under the gloomy November sky.

I am wearing: coat by Burberry
bag Marc by Marc Jacobs
sweater by Asos
jeans by River Island
boots by Mango
earrings by Monica Vinader

Oct 28, 2014

Good Monday: Lost and found

I've always been absolutely sure that I know who I am, what I like and what I want in life. That's why when I saw a new Keep me balanced project by Dara Muscat that is dedicated to helping people in finding the essence of who they are, I thought that that's not for me. But as reading the article captivated me, I've decided to take part in the project just for fun. It comprises several tasks that you have to fill in order to get the desired result. The first thing I had to do was a list of a 100 points of my likes and dislikes. Easy! Not so much, as it turned out. By the end of this exercise I sat surprised with so many things that mattered to me, but I completely forgot about them! I think the main reason for this is that we all become tied by the everyday duties that we have to do as our work responsibilities. Plus we are so influenced by the people around us, that might be taking their views as our own. Today all the members of the project will take the next step of their mysterious journey. Will definitely join them in this trip. As it turns out there is so much to discover about ourselves.

All pics by Olga Degtyarenko from YES I DO

 Have a good week and take a minute to get to know yourself.:)

Oct 16, 2014

Glimpse of 60s

I used to wear high heels all the time. It didn't really matter whether I had to run, jump, dance, stand all day, I could do it all in my stilettos. But as the years went by, I slowly shifted from high to middle heels and all of a sudden I have a collection of all types of flat shoes. Nevertheless, sometimes I want to remind myself about those crazy times when wearing heels was a norm for me. On such a day I take out a pair of lovely pumps and walk proudly in the streets of Kiev. The only difference nowadays is that the heels are mainly kitten :) Here is one of the looks on the day when I felt like I want to be a lady for a change :)

All pics by Olga Degtyarenko from YES I DO

I am wearing: Kachorovska shoes
                       Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
                       Zara top
                       dress handmade
                       trench by Sinequanone

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