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Oct 2, 2014

Ode to October

So it is finally here. My favourite month of the year has officially started. I love October most of all because it brings my birthday and changes. Always. It's an unbreakable rule that gives me shivers every year in the end of September. I literally count the days till the calendar changes the numbers from 9 to 10. This time I enter this wonderful month with the updated hair color and new attitude. The shift from light blonde to dark chocolate forced me to buy new makeup shades and the old clothes look absolutely differently on me :) The funny part is that most of the people in the office don't recognize me. I'm ready for the good times that are coming :)
All pics by Olga Degtyarenko from YES I DO

I am wearing: Warehouse shirt
Oasis jeans
Dune shoes
Burberry trench coat
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag

Sep 30, 2014

Good Monday: Simple pleasures

The time when the leaves are falling down on the ground and the last warm rays of sun play in the branches is the most magical for me. I try to enjoy every minute of it, looking for something good around me. And there is plenty of it: the smell of the autumn ground in the park, the chestnuts under my feet, numerous vegetables and fruits to try and cook new dishes with,  and all of a sudden a more sleepy cat :).
I think this is the best time to contemplate over your goals in life and relax. The rush of the summertime is over. There is a long winter coming ahead and we need to charge our sun batteries with warmth and beauty to make through it.

Sep 21, 2014

Indian Summer

The sunny days are going to end very soon and bring crispy frost on the brown leaves on the ground. This is all about autumn. You never know when it is going to change its weather from the warm and sunny to rainy and windy. And vice versa. But I love this, so you won't hear me complain about the fall. Not me :) I have my secret obsession in fashion. I am keen on boho-chic things. Even though I work in the office and simply can't wear such outfits every day, I keep on stocking different fringe bags, varicolored cardigans and lace maxi dresses. And hats, of course. My strongest addiction :) As long it's my time of year, I can dress the way I like. At least for today :)

All pics by Olga Degtyarenko from YES I DO

I am wearing: jeans  and shirt by Mango
                       cardigan by Atmosphere
                       bag by RiverIsland
                       boots by Dune
                       hat by Catarzi

Sep 17, 2014

Take me to Paris

I bought these denim dungarees in the Galeries Lafayette in Paris. I was alone there, staying in this romantic city for a couple of days on my way back from the business trip to Copenhagen. To tell you the truth, Paris didn't impress me that much in the beginning.
That evening I've decided to go out to the most fancy restaurant I could find and have the unforgettable time in the city of blinding lights. I wore the same clothes I am showing you today and stepped into the night. And this was the turning point of the whole trip. That night I went on a date with the sparkling Eiffel tower, drank champagne like crazy and laughed my heart out. It's funny how the happiest memories live in such tiny meaningless from the first sight things like clothes. But the moment I put this outfit on, I felt the same sparkling joy inside my heart. It's Paris. A moveable feast. :)

All pics by Olga Degtyarenko from YES I DO

I am wearing:trench coat by Sinequanone 
              dungarees by Top Shop
      backpack by Gola
                        sweatshirt by Maison Scothch
            sneakers by New look

Sep 15, 2014

Good Monday: Time to move

I love autumn. It's my favourite time of the year. Mainly, because it always brings changes. And even though it might seem at first sight that these changes are for worse, in the end, it is all for better. Lately, I've read an article about Sara Blakely. Her story reminded me of my first autumn in Kiev. At that time job at the fashion magazine was all I dreamed of. Just like Sara, I was walking from one editorial office to another, offering my writing skills, fluent English and passion for fashion. Exactly like her, I heard NO so many times. But finally,I got my first article published. Nevertheless, I've chosen IT instead of fashion journalism. For many different reasons. But this story taught me that everything is literally in our hands. The only thing is that we have to let go our fears. And move :)

The pic is by Olga Degtyarenko

Have a good Monday and don't give up ;)

Sep 13, 2014

Alice in Wonderland

The warm days are still here. This year September is nothing but a magic month full of sunlight, yellow leaves and dreams. The city turned into the real Wonderland for me, where I encounter fairytale places and people :) Sometimes we create the look just to shift the attention of others from what happens inside of us and make them focus on our outwear. But today my clothes reflect how I feel: airy and light, like a little girl who still believes in magic and miracles :)

The photo shoot is by talented Olga Degtyarenko from Yes I Do

I am wearing: denim shirt by MNG
                                           espadrilles by KACHOROVSKA
                       dress by SODAMIX

Sep 8, 2014

Good Monday: Summer books

As I have promised, I am sharing with you the list of the books I read on vacation :) This trip was very calm so I had a chance to read a lot. My favourite books of summer are:
  • Peter Mayle  - "The Provence series"
I literally couldn't stop reading while flying from Kiev and transferring in Athens. Amazing style and plot ;)
If I had to pick up one out of the three, that would be "A year in Provence" :) I was really inspired to look closer at this part of the world and discover this land one day by myself :)

  • "The door into summer" by Robert A. Heinlein 

This book is a little naive, but somehow its last lines matched perfectly my mood at the time I was reading it. The mesmerizing belief in something really good inspires and leaves a pleasant warm feeling inside the heart.
  • My family and other animals by Gerald Durrell

This is my all time favourite that I read for the first time when I was a kid. No matter how old you are, you'll definitely find it interesting and funny :)
Have a good Monday and keep on reading :)

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