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Jul 29, 2014

Busy bee

As long as I work in the company without any particular dress-code, I am free to experiment with my outfit.But sometimes I just feel I need to be more formal and lady-like. As they say that the way we dress up influences what we get in our career. This dress is one of my favourite clothes in my wardrobe. I love the colors and the silhouette. Plus the new platforms match it perfectly :) Yellow adds some positive vibes to the look and makes the ensemble less dull and ordinary. 

I am wearing: dress by FCUK
                                  bag by RIVER ISLAND
                          platforms by DUNE

Jul 28, 2014

Good Monday: Fine Wine

I am not a big fan of alcohol. Frankly speaking, I would rather prefer some fresh juice to a glass of red wine. Simply don't get the pleasure of drinking something that tastes bitter on your tongue and makes you sleepy ( that's my reaction to having too many glasses :))


But recently I've read a book by Joanne Harris called "Blackberry wine". It is a simple story about the childhood dreams, fears and friends. With a little bit of magic;) And, of course, there are lots of descriptions of a true fine wine.

source: pinterest

Don't know what the secret is, but it felt so natural to buy a bottle of light white wine on a Saturday evening. I read the lines about various tastes of this alcoholic drink in the book and wondered about the magic it had over the main characters. I think the mystery here lies in the attitude of the one who drinks it.  So I opened the bottle of Sauvignon blanc, sat on my balcony with my everyday partner in crime cat Yoshius and drank the cold liquid slowly. And I could finally discover apart from nasty alcoholic bitterness some aftertaste of fruits and berries in it. And so the magic began. :) That was one the best weekend evenings I had, even though I didn't leave my flat :) Sometimes it is better to slow down and spend a calm evening alone. :)

source: pinterest
Have a good Monday and treat yourself to some fine wine! :)

Jul 22, 2014

Straw hat

I finally got a chance to walk under the real summer sun. Remembering how harmful it can be for my face, I put on the wide brim straw hat. Surprisingly, I felt as if at a resort right away :) Isn't it wonderful how only one small detail can turn a classic boho outfit into a real getaway look :) So there I was wearing my beloved maxi dress with the lace vest and boho-chic accessories matched with the wide brim straw hat and other details from straw :) 

I am wearing: dress by ESPRIT
hat and vest by H&M
espadrilles by KACHOROVSKA

Jul 21, 2014

Good Monday: Into the blue

Today I've dreamed about swimming in the sea. The vision was so clear and vivid, that I even could feel the warm waves on my skin and taste the salty drops on my lips. Even though it is still long enough before our happy encounter, I keep on magnetizing the salty water. Recently I've purchased two pieces of jewelry. Both of them with the blue stones of different shades. The first one is a silver pedant with aquamarine by Aloha Gaia.

This light blue timid stone is so fragile. It reminds me of the sea on a rainy gloomy day. So calm, wild and free. I carry a drop of this salty water on my chest.
The second thing is a ring by Monica Vinader with lapis. This stone is deep blue with golden sparkles.

It is more like the sea on a bright sunny day, when the rays of sun leave yellow traces on the waves.
Depending on my mood of the day I can pick either the ring or the pedant.

Have a good Monday and try to see beauty in simple things. And dream about the sea. :)

Jul 15, 2014


My vacation is still so far away and I am longing for adventures here and now. I've decided to discover the unknown new places for me in the city I am entrapped for now.  I've started from the nearby huge parks that are inhabited by squirrels, cats, wild mice and numerous birds. In order not to get bitten by mosquitoes I put on chinos. :) As  long as I've matched the pants with the neutral marl grey top I brightened up the look with the colorful accessories. So here I am ready to go on an adventure :)

I am wearing: TOPSHOP chinos
GOLA backpack

Jul 14, 2014

Good Monday: After the rain

This summer is unbearably rainy. I get home almost every day with wet feet. It's not just a light drizzle. The showers are pouring on our damp city and the heat the is brought by the reappearing sun makes it hard to breathe outside. This Saturday was particularly rainy. It's been raining cats and dogs, so I went out with my rain boots on. I made a way through the wall of falling wall of water to the flower shop. There I saw a bunch of sunflowers glowing brightly through the window glass. Here it was, the blinding yellowness of the sun captured in the small slower shop by the metro station. I bought the flowers and took a piece of sun to my flat. On my way home the strong wind ruined my umbrella and the rain was falling freely on my head. I came home all wet through but smiling. Later that day the sun came out and kissed its flower brother with the gentle rays. No matter how hard it's raining outside, you can always carry sun in your hands... or heart :)

I've published a short story for my Russian-speaking readers. 
Рассказ вы можете прочесть здесь.

Have a good Monday and always remember that after the rain the sun comes out :) 

Jul 10, 2014

Late afternoon

One of my biggest passions in wardrobe pieces is a good hat. I have so many different styles but still manage to crave more. The straw hat I used in this look I saw at a year ago. I fell in love with its form and style. In this outfit I feel a little bit like Becky Thatcher :)

I am wearing: hat by ASOS
espadrilles by KACHOROVKA

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